Smiths, The


Naam Rol
Stephen Morrissey Vocals
Johnny Marr Guitar
Andy Rourke Bass
Mike Joyce Drums


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Morrissey Official website 25-9-2009
Ask me ask me ask me Fan's website 25-9-2009


Nr Album
1258 Kill Uncle
1627 Maladjusted
2178 Ringleader of the tormentors
1529 Southpaw Grammar
1425 Vauxhall and I
1087 Viva Hate
2294 Years of refusal
2100 You are the quarry
1362 Your arsenal
Smiths, The
1315 Hatful of hollow
1365 Meat is murder
1070 Queen is dead, The
1277 Smiths, The
1078 Strangeways, here we come
1585 World won't listen, The